For the cuties in love that are bringing me along to capture their special day.



Eeeeeek!! I’m so happy that I get to shoot your wedding!! I appreciate the trust you both put in me and cannot wait to create magical images of your special day. I created this guide to help couples understand a bit more about my process and to have the things we probably talked about when we first met written down in one place. You have a lot to remember and do when it comes to wedding planning and this is my way of trying to lessen the burden!


How to Get the Photos you Want

Part of why you hired me is because of my organic, moody, and intimate style of photography. I’m not going to be staging things on your wedding day. I want to capture the real authentic moments. In order to do that all you need to do is be completely yourself and give me your full trust when you’re in front of my camera.

I’m not going to ask you to stand still and smile for 10 minutes while I take 20 shots of the same pose. You are completely free to laugh, cry, chat, and have FUN with your loved ones. These are the memories you’ll want to keep. We’ll throw some posed photos in there for Grandma, but that’s not all that I’m there for.

I would also recommend educating your bridesmaids and groomsmen on my style and giving them the permission to be their candid selves. This way they don’t end up smiling at the camera every time I enter a room!  



This seems to be the most overwhelming part of wedding planning for most couples! The good news is, I'm totally here to help! Ask me as many questions as you need to about the timeline. I want to help make the day go as smoothly as possible while making sure we have enough time for photos.

When creating your timeline you should keep in mind what's more important to you in terms of photos. If you want a lot of special getting ready shots then you should allot more time for me to be there and less time for things you aren't super excited about (i.e. dancing photos during the reception). Or maybe you're the opposite and want a TON of dancing photos and you don't really care about getting ready shots. This is a great thing to let me know about as well so we're totally in sync!

Once your timeline is finalized please send me a copy of it via email so I can make sure we're on schedule and know what's next on your wedding day.


What I generally recommend for timelines is below...

  • Getting ready: When I’ll get details, environmental, and candid getting ready shots for both bride and groom. 60-90 minutes minimum.

  • Bridal party portraits: Where I’ll get shots of the bride and her bridesmaids and some portraits of the bride. Then head over to get the groom and his groomsman. 15-45 minutes minimum.

  • First Look: Bride and groom first look without any portraits included. 15-30 minutes.

  • Family Portraits: Depending on the size of the families and number of variations, these can take 30-60 minutes.

  • Couples Portraits: Where we’ll sneak off and just take portraits of you guys! Let me know if there’s a cool place nearby your wedding venue that you want to travel to because that would add to the time as well! 30-60 minutes.

  • Couple + Bridal Party: Where I get shots of the full bridal party after the bride and groom have seen each other or gotten married.

  • Reception: Speeches, cake cutting, dancing, and any other portraits that you wanted with your guests! Usually about 60-180 minutes.




General: I have an internal shot list that covers all the basics and more (first kiss, speeches, etc.) so no need to send that over.

Family: This is so my second shooter and I know which combinations you want. A really organized list makes family portraits go waaay faster and smoother rather than if you were trying to think of everything on the spot. Also maybe put a bridesmaid in charge who knows your families and can help wrangle people together if it’s a big group.

  • Example of one grouping: Sally (Groom’s Mom), Hal (Groom’s Dad), Debbie (Bride’s Mom), Dan (Groom’s Dad) w/ Bride and Groom

Wants: I love when my couples have complete trust in me when photographing their day but I know that everyone has a few special shots they envision getting and I’d love to hear what they are! I want to make your photo dreams come true so please give me a short list (1-5 shots) that are really important to you.

  • Example: Dancing with my sister, our entrance into reception, and sunset couples portrait.


I would so so love to have a list of all the vendors and their websites or social media handles just so I can make sure to tag them in social media and blog posts!


During the “getting ready” portion of the day I’ll also be shooting all of the details. Please set to the side any rings, accessories, shoes, handkerchiefs, bride and groom gifts, invitation etc. to make it easier and faster for me to photograph.  

Planned/Secret Events

Are there any planned/secret events that I should know about? If I’m prepared for it, I can set myself up to get some great shots! If it’s something you want other people to not know or aren’t putting on the timeline, please send me an email about it before the wedding and tell me who isn’t allowed to know! hello@jasminejphotography.com



Day After

I will post sneak peeks on Instagram and Facebook and email you a copy of them (usually 1-3). This way you can have a few special moments of your day to share that aren’t cell phone pics. I only send a few as to not rush through editing all the photos as I usually take my time during that process to get it perfect. (Make sure you’re following my social media pages so you can see all the sneak peeks!)


In approximately 6-8 weeks after the wedding date you’ll receive a link to an online gallery with all of your edited wedding photos. In this gallery you’ll be able to download all the high-res photos and use them anywhere.

Print Rights

You have personal use print rights for all of your wedding photos. All this means is that you can't sell the photos to other people/businesses and you don’t have to go through me to order prints. You can take the photos anywhere to get them printed! I do this because I want it to be as easy as possible for you to fill your house with your images! I do highly recommend ordering prints through your online gallery because the quality is top notch and the colors are true to how I edited them. If you go to other places that are easier on the wallet (such as Costco) you risk completely changing the look of the photos when they’re printed. They can come out as totally different shades of color and lose a lot of detail. I will be testing more printing companies so I have more to recommend so feel free to ask for suggestions.


If you're interested in having a wedding album made, let me know! I will help you walk you through the design process and help you make the best keepsake of your images ever!


As you’ve probably seen on my website, I love to blog weddings! It allows me to share the story of your love by curating some amazing photos from your wedding! I don’t have an exact time of when the blog post of your wedding will be on my website but I post a notification about it on Facebook or Instagram so make sure you’re following along to stay updated! It's also a great way to share photos with your family if you don't want them to look through the entire gallery.

Reviews + Testimonials

I would highly appreciate if you left me unique reviews on Facebook, Yelp and Google and talked honestly about your experience with me as your wedding photographer! This is HUGE for my business because it helps other brides decide if I would be a good fit for them and let’s me know if there are things I need to improve on. If you don’t use social media, I would love if you email me a testimonial for me to put on my website. Thank you so much in advance!



Please let me know if you have any other questions that I didn’t answer in this wedding guide or on my F.A.Q. page! I want to be as helpful as possible and I love being a part of the process. I’m so crazy excited to capture your amazing, love-filled, magical day! I'll talk to you soon!!

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I love to tag vendors in any photos I post on my blog or social media! Please list the names of their businesses and I can find their instagrams. Copy and paste the format below to make it easier for you! Venue: Stylist: Florist: Dress: Accessories: Rings: Hair + Makeup artist: Dj: Caterer: Cake: