There are so many reasons why I want couples to get excited about engagement sessions. When I meet with clients and they mention engagement sessions, it often sounds like just another thing on their to-do list. Or even worse, they don't even want one! I wanted to write this blog post to hopefully give couples a new perspective on why engagement sessions can be so valuable and meaningful.

You rehearse pretty much every other part of your wedding :

You tried on your outfits, you tasted the food, you styled your hair and maybe even had a rehearsal dinner. Engagement shoots are basically rehearsal wedding photos! You have time to get to know your photographer, get all of your awkwardness out, and learn how to be comfortable and true to yourselves in front of the camera. When you get the photos back and see how amazing they are, you’re going to trust your photographer so much more and be able to go into your wedding day confident that it will be captured perfectly. Or, if worse comes to worse, you'll know that your photographer is not a good fit and will have time to find someone that is. 

Engagement sessions aren’t only for your announcements :

The time of your engagement is just as magical as the chapter before and after. It’s a time in your life where you and your person both decided that you wanted to spend forever together. That’s amazing. You don’t know what your futures look like or what experiences you’re going to have, but you do know that you want to go through them together no matter what. That’s sooo beautiful and all of your feelings and love in this moment deserve to be captured and remembered forever.

Engagement sessions can be just as meaningful as your wedding day :

Pick a location that means something to you. Whether that’s your home or the place you guys go hiking all the time. This is so important because when you look at the photos they’re going to mean way more to you 40-years down the line. You’re going to have flashbacks of all the other special times you spent there too. It’s about your whole love story not just your individual days.

I hope I’ve given you a different perspective on what your engagement session can be. It’s meaningful and special and magical and you should be completely excited about it! Nothing about your wedding day should be without meaning and everything should tell your story.