This Seal Rock elopement will forever tug on my heartstrings. It was a perfect mix of letting go of tradition and making your own perfect day instead.

When Faith and José booked me last fall, they planned to have a pretty decent sized October wedding with lots of family flying in from out-of-state. If this was me planning my wedding, having people coming from all over would have made it way more stressful and like I really had to make it worth while for them to be there. I think this is why so many brides get so stressed out during the planning process. They start planning the wedding for the guests instead of themselves and their cutie!! That’s not how any couple should feel about their wedding day! It’s such a special day and should be completely unique to the couples’ needs and wants.

After shooting their engagement at Rowena Crest, Faith and José found out that their lives would be changing veeery soon in a completely magical way. This made their photos so much more special but also forced them to rethink their wedding plans. They decided to have a springtime elopement and surprise their family with the news along with a small reception on another day. I couldn’t have been more excited to hear this!! I love shooting intimate weddings and elopements because I just get to focus on the couple and really showcase their love and relationship the whole time.

We all traveled out to Seal Rock and it was the most perfect day. Just me, Faith, José and their friend Kym (who was the best maid of honor/assistant ever!!). There was basically no one around, the light was gorgeous and you couldn’t even see footprints in the sand. A photographer’s heaven. We did their first look on the beach and then went over to Seal Rock to catch the sunset. We explored around until we found a perfect spot for them to read their vows to each other and took photos at every beautiful spot along the way. They got emotional, I got emotional and we were all just balls of joy by the end.

Thank you guys so much for letting me be a part of your lives, I love you both so much!!

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