I had such a fun time with Heather + Reid during their engagement session! I met them at Reid’s childhood home in Sandy, Oregon. His backyard was a beautiful little forest area on the edge of the Sandy River! What a freaking amazing place to grow up. They told me that they usually stay for a weekend getaway in a little cabin attached to the main house. Just all around super cute Oregon vibes. A note to couples choosing their engagement session location: pick somewhere special to you guys as a couple! The photos just hold so much more meaning in the end.  

When Heather originally reached out to me about shooting their wedding she told me about the nerdy way they met which was during a game of Dungeons and Dragons. As a fellow nerd, I freaking love when couples meet in games!! I’ve read so many stories of people meeting in World of Warcraft and other online games and it’s so cute because it really shows you that you can meet your person anywhere. Also I almost missed it but during editing I totally peeped those freaking adorable Navi earrings.

Heather warned me that they would be super awkward in front of the camera but turned out to be total naturals (as usual with like all of my couples). They were totally romantic and comfortable and it was like they were just on a cute date in the forest. I love them because they let me get creative and weird even though I made them run around. All of my couples are seriously the best. I can’t waaaait to shoot their October wedding!!

Congrats you guys!! See you soon.