Audrey and Stefan's Plaza Del Toro wedding was so simply them. No crazy details, no packed schedule and no stress. They didn't feel the need to follow normal traditions and focused on making their day exactly  how they wanted. This is something I'm seeing more and more couples do and it makes me so incredibly happy. If having tons of details will make you happy then seriously go nuts! If you want to be extra and throw in some wedding llamas then have at it, girl! As long as you do you and your boo, you can't go wrong (should I try and trademark that or is it not as good of a line as I think??). 

Audrey and Stefan started their day off at the Nines hotel in downtown Portland. When I got to the room Audrey was with a few friends and one of them was doing her makeup. They told me right away that the makeup artist didn't show up so she had to phone a friend (who luckily was a professional HMUA) to do it for her!! Her best friend Parinda had to run across the street and practically buy out all of the beauty counters because she didn't know what shades matched Audrey (lol!!). They the ride or die kind of friends for sure.

They did their first look at the Nines and then it was time to head over to the next venue! Having their wedding at Plaza Del Toro was such a perfect choice. Imagine a cool downtown Portland bar but the only people inside are your nearest and dearest.  Only their closest family and friends attended their intimate gathering and every single person was sooo excited to celebrate with them.

I love this crowd and they really love this couple. Thank you so much for letting me capture this special time.

Congrats you two!