Ahhh I love this shoot. Stephen and Melrose didn't end up having much time on their wedding day for couples portraits so, we made time the day after to do a little mini session before they moved states. We found a beautiful spot in the park right after sunset perfect for this romantic shoot.  

Towards the end of the shoot we were pretty deep into the nature park and it was almost so dark that we couldn't see anything. As we're gathering our things, we hear what sounds like a pack of wolves howling (!!). It could have been a pack of teenagers but it was reaaaally close to us so we didn't have much time to think about it. We decided it was best to just RUN back to the car as fast as we could. Imagine Melrose carrying her heels and RUNNING barefoot in her freaking wedding dress all the way back to the car! The car was about a mile away up a hill so we were all dead when we got back. But we didn't run into any wolves on the way so it was worth it, haha!

Having that said, I totally recommend doing bridals the day before (some couples do their first look this way!) or the day after your wedding!! It's a perfect way to get a bunch of freaking beautiful portraits of you and your person with no stress of the timeline and leaves you way more time to hang out and party with your wedding guests. Also I loooove shooting them so I'm very biased. Hopefully no wolves will join us on your shoot!!