This Joshua Tree love session is one of my favorites, you guys. My first time in Joshua Tree, California was pretty magical. I went to Kinfolk the Workshop to learn how to be the best couples and wedding photographer that I could be. I learned so much more about how to serve my clients and how to bring out their best selves during shoots. The desert was M-A-G-I-C and I want to go back every year. It would be a dream to shoot an elopement or a wedding there because of how much beautiful energy there is. So if you're trying to head out to Joshua Tree, hit me up.

Miranda and Aiden were so freaking fun to hang out with! They both live in Arizona and traveled all the way to Joshua Tree just to do the shoot! How freaking special and amazing is that? Plus I just felt 20 times cooler even standing near them so that was another bonus. Can we talk about Miranda’s makeup and style please?? It’s so gooood. Choosing outfits for photoshoots can be super stressful and a pretty big to-do if you don’t know what looks good on camera. I send a style guide to each of my clients before the shoot so they have time to learn what looks good and what works well! The right outfit can totally elevate the emotion and compliment the environment in the photo. In the same way, the wrong outfit can distract from all the good. Clothing choice is way more important than people think but in my guide I emphasize that you should be comfortable and feel like yourself too!

Every photographer should invest in education because there is constantly so much to learn in this world. My personal goal is to take 2 classes a year to improve my business and skills. It’s easy to get settled into a way of working that’s comfortable. That’s something I really want to avoid in my business. I always want to be growing and learning new how to be better.

I feel so inspired and ready to make more magic with my couples this year!