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Year in Review

Year in Review | 2017

Year in Review | 2017

It's a new year and I'm ready to make some magical memories!! I already have more shoots and weddings scheduled than last year, have plans to travel to go to an amazing photography workshop, and my mindset about life has never been better.

2017 was the year photography really pushed me closer and closer to becoming the person I want to be. I pushed past my social anxiety and jumped out of my comfort zone and have only reaped the rewards from it. I've always dreamed of the life that I'm starting to live but I didn't know how possible it really was. Now I'm making it happen and growing so much along the way. I'm so thankful for all of my clients/friends that I've made this past year. I couldn't have done it without you :)

I want to make an annual post with all of my favorite images and memories while they're still fresh in my mind. I'm probably missing some but luckily I have full blog posts of pretty much each shoot featured on this post! 

This was my first shoot of 2017! I was pushing myself to try and set up shoots with people on instagram so I could practice photography. I knew that it was the right path for me and I upgraded my Canon T3i to a 5D Mark iii. Literally the camera I'd been dreaming of having for two years. This shoot was my first time using it after buying it on Craigslist a week earlier and I was so excited!! Rae reached out to me on instagram and I'm sooooo glad that she did. She helped me in so many ways personally and professionally. Shooting with her helped me develop my style and figure out what kind of images I wanted to make. Bonus: She's also my friend now!!

The next few images are from my first PDX Photography Meetup!! I really can't recommend this group more for any level of photographer. I met the coolest people that I still talk to and work with today and I didn't know it then but, going to this meetup put me on a fast track with my photography. I didn't think I was good enough or ready for couples photography and I was so freaking proud of the images I made with these awesome people. I felt energized and inspired and it pushed me to silence my anxiety and keep pushing forward. (see the blog post from this shoot here)

My first bridal inspired shoot with Rae! I bought the dress from H&M and returned it the next day. I messaged a bunch of makeup artists on instagram until one FINALLY agreed to work with me and the shoot was born. I started using Phil Chester presets to edit and he shared my photo (the one on the right) on his story and it was so meaningful to be recognized by someone I looked up to :) 

This was my FIRST true couples shoot! I was soooooooo nervous. I remember my heart racing the whole time, and literally sweating and shaking because I felt like I looked like I didn't know what I was doing AT ALL. Somehow after all that I got some pictures that I am SOOO proud of for my first shoot. This was so important to me because I was starting to create the types of images that really inspired me on instagram. I was so happy and proud.

Of all my 2017 shoots I think this next one had the most impact on my business so far. It was my first real engagement shoot and landed me my first wedding! I met the amazing and angelic couple on instagram and we set a date and did the shoot! It was a day after the last shoot so I had learned a lot and was ready to put it all to the test. I was calm and ready to handle anything. I made some of my favorite images that day :)

I booked 3 weddings after this shoot (all for 2017!) and was trying not to get overwhelmed (I was equal parts anxious and excited) so I took some time to do a few portrait shoots with friends. This included my last shoot with Rae of the year! It was such an important shoot to me. Really helped me develop my editing style.

My first wedding EVER was finally here!! It was the most perfect dream day and I couldn't have gotten any luckier. I'm so proud of the story I was able to capture and even though I was so nervous, once I got to the venue and started talking to everyone and taking photographs it just felt...right. Just so completely like I was exactly where I should be. I've never felt that before and knew that I truly had found my passion.

I finished off my summer with a few more shoots and the rest of my weddings! I was working a full-time office job too so I just spent all my free time editing and making slideshows for my clients until fall rolled around. The first few pics are of me shooting my 2nd wedding of the summer!

I managed to fit in a lot of portrait sessions in the fall! I really wasn't feeling confident in my portrait skills because I'd only really worked with Rae and she's AMAZING in front of the camera. I didn't really know if I could direct someone and make them feel good if they weren't naturals at it. I totally proved myself wrong because that's something that all my clients have said I'm amazing at! It's really means so much to hear because it's a skill that I'd been trying to improve all year. My only goal with portraits is to make sure my subject feels like themselves the entire time. No stiff poses or tired smiles. Just hanging out and having fun! 

This next engagement shoot has to be my favorite of the whole year. I feel like it was a true test of everything I'd learned with photography in 2017 and it was a perfect example of the types of love stories that I want to be telling. Also! Pasang + Matt are the first couple that booked me for their 2018 wedding so it was pretty special and exciting to me for that reason too. 

It was late into the fall when I finally quit my job and went full-time into photography! I'd been telling people all year that this would probably happen in two years. The fact that I'm on my first year and already doing it full-time is a MIRACLE. I'm so grateful for all the support I've been shown.

To wrap up the year I started making new goals in December. I wanted to do two shoots a month minimum so even on my off months when people weren't booking, I'd still push myself to practice and grow instead of feeling insecure and not good enough. Little did I know that in January I'd have 5 shoots scheduled and in February I'd have 4! I have 9 weddings booked so far for 2018 and they're all with amazing clients! This is insane and feels like I'm living in a dream. 

THANK YOU if you've ever hired me, if you've ever supported me, if you've ever shared my work with your friends... I truly can't thank you enough. This is my dream and I'm only able to live it because of all of you guys. Here's to next year and I hope you'll be there to follow along still because I like having you around :)