Last fall I got to assist Marcela Pulido at this AMAAAZING Castaway Portland wedding!! We started the day off at the church Thuy-Linh went to elementary school in when she was younger. Does anyone else get choked up over little sentimental details like this or am I the only one?? They had their first look right outside the church. it was seriously the most gorgeous sunny fall day! After they exchanged their gifts for each other it was off to the ceremony with all of their friends and family waiting for them inside. Once they went through all the official stuff, they were officially husband and wife and it was time to PARTAY!!

Their reception was held at Castaway Portland and it's now one of my favorite venues ever!! It's open without feeling overwhelming and it's got all of those good good downtown Portland vibes. Once we got to the venue we met up with the wedding llamas, which was totally insane. I've never been so close to llamas and they literally didn't move you guys. It was so surreal. At first it kind of felt like they were dinosaurs? I hope I'm not the only one that felt that way because it sounds super weird in text (lol). We took their couples portraits nearby Castaway Portland with the llamas and I've never seen something more unique than that! They're so fun and cute and seriously some of my favorite images.

After an amazing dinner (thanks Castaway), the cutest slideshow ever and a cameo from Seal, the rest of the night was spent dancing, laughing, drinking and more dancing. I've never been around a reception that was this wild!! This was such a fun bunch and such a perfect way to celebrate Thuy-Linh + Vy's love. Congrats you guys and a big thanks to Marcela for letting me tag along!!