I feel like a lot of people talk about golden hour as being the most magical time of the day for that gorgeous golden light. Which, I mean, it’s totally magical so those opinions are completely warranted. But, in case you didn’t know, blue hour is kind of super magical too. It’s the time right after the sun goes down and everything is a little bit dreamier, blue toned, with no sunlight to be found. Just a glow of soft and moody light. I think it might be my favorite time to shoot because to me it just makes colors pop more and I love the crispness in the air. It’s like you can feel it through the photos.

This bridal session is from Sadie + Caleb’s wedding day that I wanted to make a separate blog post for because I love so many of them but didn’t want to include them in the other post and make it take an eternity to get through. Their venue was in Molalla and had this gorgeous view that I knew would be peeerfect for bridal portraits. We made sure to sneak off for no more than a half hour (I never want to steal my couples away from their party for long if at all) and had the best time taking these dreamy portraits. I totally recommend making time on your day for blue hour portraits because...I mean just scroll down and you’ll know.