All about me


All about me

photo by Jaime Deurmeier

photo by Jaime Deurmeier


Hello, you!

I'm Jasmine! A 22-year old nerd and full-time wedding and portrait photographer based in Portland, Oregon. I became a wedding photographer last year and it truly changed my life. I am constantly inspired by the relationships between my couples and that fuels my creativity. When I'm shooting, I'm always looking for those moments that you'll want to remember in 60 years. That adorable face your person makes when they see you do something silly, when you're both grinning ear-to-ear because you just remembered that you get to marry your best friend, how dirty your boots got underneath your wedding dress, and every moment in between. Those genuine, heartfelt, unplanned moments that are created when you know that -

being present is more valuable than being perfect.

You are my dream couple if you're planning your day around what makes your hearts flutter. Whether that's dancing with llamas in a downtown venue or getting eloped in a forest during a rainstorm - I want to capture your story so it can be cherished and remembered for generations. If this sounds like you and I sound like a girl you'd want to hang out with for an entire day, send me a message so we can start talking details! 


A Few Random Facts About Me

  • I love cookie dough as much as I love cookies! Maybe more honestly.
  • My favorite movie is Phantom of the Opera and I've probably watched it 50 times.
  • "Cute" is my most used word.
  • When I was a kid I used to spend every day of summer playing the Sims 2.
  • I will eat ice cream any time of the day in any season! My favorite flavor is cotton candy (why can’t you buy it in stores??)
  • I love tattoos and I want to get more so bad! I got my first one last year and looove it.

Have some questions for me? Check out my F.A.Q. page!