Being present is more valuable than being perfect...

Hello, you!

I'm Jasmine! A 22-year old nerd and full-time wedding and portrait photographer based in Portland, Oregon. I'm so happy that you found me! 

I've always been heavily inspired by photographs. They can be so emotional and meaningful and that's what I love about what I do. I get to showcase who you are, who your loved ones are, and your relationships in little pieces of art that last forever. Memories frozen in time. It's like magic. I mean, not entirely like magic but you know, close.

I'm a storyteller by nature and was passionate about filmmaking as a child. Once photography entered my life I knew I had finally found my medium. I look at your wedding day as a story to tell and love capturing those little candid moments so you won't ever forget them.

When I'm not meeting and photographing totally cool people like you, I'm usually binge watching shows on Netflix (currently watching Narcos and eternally rewatching the Office), playing video games with friends, online shopping, spending time with my family and trying super hard not to spend all my money on delicious food.

We'll be a good fit if you're planning your special day around what makes your love story unique to you. If you understand that being present is more valuable than being perfect. If you want to make your own magical photos and not just recreate what you've seen on instagram. 

I seriously can't wait to meet you and hear about what kinds of magic you'd like to create together! 

More Things That I Love


My Family

I am sooo close with my fam. I have 3 younger siblings that are 10+ years younger than me and we're best friends. They've taught me so much about life and love and I'd be so different without them supporting me in so many ways. They are also the FUNNIEST people that I know.

Them coming into my life made me the artist that I am today. It was my drive to document so much of their lives with video and photography that got me all inspired to capture history in action.


My Cutie

My boyfriend and I met in high school and have been together for almost 5 years now. We've grown up together and I feel so grateful that we push each other to be our best every day even when life is freaking tough. Relationships are the hardest thing but they can be the most magical and best things ever too. 

Our relationship consists of  him making dumb jokes just to make me laugh, me attempting to explain my seemingly real life relationships with television characters and getting McDonald's together at midnight because neither of us have any self control.


Our Kitten

Aoba is our little siamese-mix kitten that we got this past summer. She is a complete psycho but gets treated like a princess somehow anyways. She's named after one of our favorite anime characters from the show New Game! and we love her dearly (most of the time).

Why I Shoot What I Shoot



Engagement sessions are the perfect way to get to know each other before the wedding day! We get to hang out for a couple of hours, take magical photos, and become best friends. Kind of amazing, right? I want to know why you guys fit with each other so I can capture your love perfectly in the most authentic way possible. Give me the PDA and the laughter. I'm ready for the real stuff.



Weddings are my FAVORITE things ever. I want my couples to be so in the moment on the day of their wedding and completely re-live the day through my photographs. If I'm there on your special day, be ready to be real and completely authentic with me. I want the raw emotion and the intimate moments. These are the things you'll want to remember.   



I love photographing families and their little ones! From the quirky smiles to the messy bedrooms. Be who you are when you come to the shoot. That's what you'll want to remember in 20-years when you're flipping through photo albums. I know that one day my couples will start families and I want to be there to continue capturing every little bit of their magical lives. 



Most of my portrait clients tell me that they've never had a professional picture taken of themselves. This is not ok!! Everyone should have a picture of themselves that they completely LOVE. During our shoot I'll give you directions the whole time to make sure you look your best but most importantly so you look like YOU! 

Still have questions for me? Check out my F.A.Q. page!