Hello, you!

I'm Jasmine! A 21-year old nerd in living Portland, Oregon. I'm so happy that you found me! 

I've always been heavily inspired by photographs. They can be so emotional and meaningful and that's what I love about what I do. I get to showcase who you are, who your loved ones are, and your relationships in little pieces of art that last forever. Memories frozen in time. It's like magic. I mean, not entirely like magic but you know, close.

I'm a storyteller by nature and was passionate about filmmaking as a child. Once photography entered my life I knew I had finally found my medium. I look at your wedding day as a story to tell and love capturing those little candid moments so you won't every forget them.

When I'm not meeting and photographing totally cool people like you, I'm usually binge watching shows on Netflix (currently watching Narcos and eternally rewatching the Office), playing video games with friends, online shopping, spending time with my family and trying super hard not to spend all my money on delicious food.

I seriously can't wait to meet you and hear about what kinds of magic you'd like to create together!